Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back in the USA

After a long plane ride back to the United States from Delhi, many of us have concluded our trip and are back home. Several did stay in India to pursue side trips including Cathi, Jeannette, Patrick, Anita, and Manjeet.

If you have been following SPOT, the last GPS record was in Chitwan and did not get updated for the last days at Kathmandu and Delhi.

This years trip was a huge success and will remain in our memories for years to come. Nepal has a lot of interesting history, culture, and extraordinary vistas. Visiting our friend Scott at Base Camp and wishing him luck on this year's summit attempt was certainly a major highlight. For our friends and families, what now remains are for us to share our detailed personal accounts and picture collections.

I hope you enjoyed this Blog.




  1. kathleen Johnson (Chris's Mom)May 5, 2009 at 9:57 PM

    Glad to know you are back in good old USA. thanks for the concluding blogs and we will wait impatiently for the verbal story with pictures.

  2. you have enjoyed much more in Nepal more than me being Nepalese ...thumbs up!!!

  3. Thank you for visiting Nepal Himalayas and specially Everest base camp and Kalapathar view point.

  4. Nepal indeed a great place for adventure because of great spots and I know you enjoyed because of the smile on your faces at the image. I've been here also few years ago and hoping to be back to explore more spots, hopefully next year. Good luck all to your next adventure.

  5. Thank you for creating Everest travel blog and write about Everest Trekking. Your blog helps to promote Everest Region Trekking in Nepal Himalayas.