Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dingboche Accomodations

The village of Dingboche has rather limited resources given its location high up in the mountain country. Electricity is an expensive commodity. All electricity is either produced by solar energy or by a generator. If a Guest House uses power, it is typically provided via solar power that charge batteries used to light the interior during the evening hours. Smaller commercial entities, such as an internet cafe ("cafe" as in they serve tea, pringles, and snickers) may intermittently use a small generator when they have business or as needed. This is very expensive as the fuel for the generators have to be ported in many miles. As an example, internet usage cost roughly $.25 per minute. Hot water can also be expensive given the fuel needed to produce it, so it is used sparingly. All of that said, accommodations are still quite comfortable once you get used to the settings.

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