Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rest Day in Dingboche

Today the group is getting a rest day from trekking. This is a necessary step in the agenda to help folks acclimate to the altitude, but also serves to get some rest from trekking.
The group is acclimating well. There have been some instances of light headaches and nausea, but we are paying close attention when that occurs. Several have also experienced some stomach upsets which is typical given the different types of food that we have been exposed to. But the group is doing very well and all are in high spirits.
After breakfast a majority of the group took a day hike along the Imja Khola (river) toward Island Peak. We are having another beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky. After lunch we have some down time to take a shower, do laundry (hand wash), read a book, play games, and just plain relax. Later in the afternoon a few of us will attempt to instruct the Sherpas on how to make fried snickers (a NASA Everest Trek tradition thanks to the Gilmores) as a special treat for the group. Last year the Sherpas said "It cannot be done", but it was. This year we intent to repeat this success!

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  1. I just zeroed in on Dingbouche on the satellite map (Hybrid) and you can see the fields, and almost think that if you waved we could wave back - it is so neat. Having the GPS tracking - you can also do a very close look at the Everest base camp - all of the colors of the different tents - really neat! Chris's Mom