Thursday, April 30, 2009

On our Way Back

You probably noticed by the SPOT link - we are heading back down from Base Camp! After visiting the Base Camp we trekked back to Lobuche the same day. Last night we stayed at Deboche, and tonight we are in Namche. It takes less time to head down, although some of the days are still long as we try to cover some ground. Today, during our trek from Deboche to Namche, some of the team split off and went to Khumjung which added 1.5 hours to the trek. In Khumjung, we visited the Monastery which was busy with prayers. The Monastery also contains what is perceived to be a skull of a Yeti - proof (if you believe) that the creature does exist in the mountains.
Tomorrow we depart for Lukla - our final destination of the trek. If the weather is good, the next day we take a plane back to Kathmandu. It is hard to believe the the trip is coming to a close!


  1. kathleen Johnson (Chris's Mom)April 30, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    Good to know that you are back in "posting" land. I've been following the last few days using last years blog. Did you ever make deep fried snickers? I wonder if a 66 year old woman could make this trip............

  2. Congrats for getting to Base Camp! Safe travels! Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces.


  3. Did you run into the Eddie Bauer expedition team at Base Camp?

  4. Our oldest trekker this year was 71 years old - and he did great!

    We did indeed see the Eddie Bauer team at Base Camp. In passing by thier location I mentioned what a good job they were doing with their blogs. A lot of good insight with those in what it takes to put together an expedition and attempt the summit.