Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Namche News

And for today's news from Namche, the village is pleased to welcome the 2009 NASA Everest Trek team. They hiked for around 6 hours to reach Namche Bazaar at 11,000 feet with a stop for lunch just inside the entrance to Sagarmatha National Park. The last mile was reportedly a 'killer' with the majority of the elevation gain from ~8,500 feet occurring in that short distance, but the team fared well and all are resting in a teahouse overlooking Namche Bazaar...some comfy in their tents. And now I'll turn it over to Larry for weather...

Well, Chuck, we're looking at much of the same we had yesterday. A lot of fog and low clouds in the Himalayas today, but there'll be an occasional break so the NASA team can catch a glimpse of some of the surrounding peaks. A little bit of mist may hang in the air, but no rain. As for the temperature...bundle up tonight as its a little bit chilly.

Thanks Larry, and now to Susan for traffic...

Chuck, its a mess on the trail to Namche. We've got a five yak pile up about three quarters of a mile out of Namche. There's also a slow moving donkey reported on one of the switchbacks, but we're still awaiting confirmation. The good news is the last suspension bridge prior to Namche is clear sailing. But none of this should really matter for the NASA team now that they're resting up to acclimate and day hike tomorrow.

Thanks Susan, and thanks folks for tuning in to this edition of Namche News.



  1. I hope the weather holds up for y'all. Hope there isn’t too many GI issues... Cypro, Cypro, and more Cypro!

    Please pass my regards onto Steve Vanderark, John Mcbrine, and the rest of the crew.

    Good Trekkings!


  2. I did the trek in from Jiri 25 yrs ago, and intend to do it again latter this year, can any one tell me if it safe now from moeists levying fees, on trekers

  3. Hi Tony,
    Probably not - there is a thread on this subject at http://www.trekinfo.com/forums/

  4. I had to post this in the forum column after returning from our trek since my boyfriend and I had the absolute best time trekking in the Everest region!

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