Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Rest Day" in Namche Bazaar

We arrived in Namche Bazaar on Tuesday, 21 April, exhausted from a long, steep hike. Elevation is 11,500 and we were literally on the edge of the clouds. Thick clouds covered the area. This morning, 22 April, we awoke to mostly clear skies with only a few clouds. The first real visual experience of the Himalayas! Snow-capped mountains that were covered in clouds were now in clear view. This is our first rest day as we acclimate to the higher altitude. As it turns out our rest day became a "rest day" as we trekked up 1000ft to a beautiful view of more of the Himalaya range. Our first view of Mt. Everest, Lohtse, Ama Doblam, etc. CJ assured us before the hike it would be a 1hr hike... easy day... 3.5 hrs later we returned. The view was worth every bit of pain we all feel in our quads and calves!


  1. Hey Jill any chance there's a Bread & Olive stand nearby? :) I'm sure some hummus would be a wonderful change from all the potatoes. Can't wait to see some pics! Love the updates. Wishing everyone all the best. xo Kel

  2. I know you're enjoying every step, Jill, pain and all. :) Tom

  3. Hi Abiola, stumbled upon this by accident and recognized the face on the photo (as the same one that sorts out so much bothersome Goodenough stuff for everyone!). Greetings from Mecklenburgh Square and good luck to you and everyone else on the trek.

    Ajoy Thachil

  4. Jill,

    Great to read the update! Enjoy your "rest day" and . . . onward and UPWARD!!!


  5. For those following the "SPOT" GPS link, you can see the town of Namche just to the left of waypoint #5 on the map if you zoom way in. Directly to the north, you'll see an abandoned airport runway (running NW-SE). The team probably hiked up to there from Namche and back down for the acclimization yesterday. Thanks for all the great updates from Nepal...wish I was there!!

    - Adam

  6. You must all be loving life. Thanks for sharing it your journey. Can't wait to see the pictures Jill.

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  8. Keeping good thoughts for you all as you trek toward the top of the world.
    Safe travels. Godspeed


  9. Hey all. Glad you all are doing well. Keep it up!
    Go Taschie, Christi, CJ and Auntie!

  10. What a beautiful part of the earth! May it bring lots of blessings and joy to your journey.

  11. I'll drink a beer to your health and fun!

  12. I have the globe on the coffee table. Every evening, I try to imagine your experiences. Stay safe...I'm so happy for all of your blessings...Mom Rist