Friday, April 10, 2009

Exploration, Science, and Philanthropy

This years trek has a little more flavor to it than in the name of a good adventure. A previous blog mentioned some of the experiments that will be performed on volunteer time during the trek, but in addition to the science there are philanthropic plans with Kathmandu's PA Nepal Orphanage. Several of our team members will be providing eye examinations, lead by Dr. Keith Manuel, that will later follow with prescription glasses sent to the orphanage. Dental examinations will also be provided by Dr. Manjeet Singh. Everyone in the team is very excited to be involved in the many facets of this years trip. To read more, see the article posted in NASA Science. (Photo: 2008 PA Nepal visit by Adam Gilmore)


  1. Good luck, guys!!!! tear it up!

    -Big Red

  2. to abiola, i (joshua)hope you make it to the top of mt.everest.
    WOW this is tremendous sis. Abiola, i wish you Godspeed. Hey what's your total top 10 list? (AS)