Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Lays Ahead

Tomorrow we depart for Lobuche as our next stop. This will include trekking up the terminal moraine of the Khumbu Glacier and through the sobering memorials of those that have fallen on Mt. Everest. After Lobuche we trek to Gorak Shep. We should arrive there around lunchtime and then climb Kala Pattar (18,400') in the afternoon for our best view of Mt. Everest. After Gorak Shep we depart for the Base Camp of Mt. Everest to meet our friend Scott Parazynski and will participate in several activities there. Everyone is looking forward to it!


  1. Hi all, very happy to see you are all doing well. Wishing Jill all the best!! Everyone in NYC is thinking of you.


  2. Good to hear from you. GPS spot is working well - neat to see where you are! The zooming power is greater than it was a few days earlier for whatever reason, so we can see a little more detail. (And thanks for posting the elevations!!) Suzanne

  3. To Christi W.. We've been following your amazing journey! Sounds like you are having great weather with splendid views of the mountains. Know you will bring back some fantastic pictures to share with the family.
    Prayers for continued safe trekking. Some special news for you when you return.
    Our best .. Mike & Susan

  4. Go CJ, Lesley, McBrine, Ark, Christi, Jake, Judd and Sabrina! You guys are awesome! Keep up with the trek, your almost to base camp! Be sure to live in the moment and take lots of pictures.
    All the best,

  5. Looks like the team made it up Kala Pattar (18,000+ ft) and is sleeping soundly at Gorak Shep! If you look NNW from waypoint #31, you can see all the mult-colored tents at Everest basecamp, tomorrow's destination. Waypoint #29 would have been the summit of Kala Pattar. The satellite photos are in good resolution there.

    Good luck on the final push to basecamp tomorrow!!

    - Adam

  6. Awesome video:

  7. Sounds like you guys are doing great! Good luck the rest of the way. I so very much wish I was there, but am glad I can follow along here :)

    Whoever reads this, tell Erin I said hi, since I'm guessing she still doesn't know what blogging is ;).

    Keep it up.

  8. Go Erin, Go CJ:

    I am coming and will see you at New Delhi airport when you arrive on May 04.

    Piara Uncle

  9. Hi Baldev, Hi Sunil, Hi Manjeet:

    Go! Go!! Go!!!

    Majeet, you are almost there. All that pranayam has paid off. See you at New Delhi airport on May 04.


  10. Hi Chris - Luke and Jared say 'hi', and they think all the tents we see in the GPS view are pretty cool! Looking to hear from you soon!


  11. Sure hope coming down is easier than going up. We all want to read and hear more about the last days of your trek and what base camp is like. All the best to our son Erik W. We are proud of all of you and pray for your safety and comfort as you descend. Warren W.

  12. TO JJ, Lesley, Steve-o, Jake-meister & Michelle:
    Hope you all are having the best time ever. Blog something, you guys, so we know you're still there.


  13. Kathleen Johnson (Chris's Mom)April 29, 2009 at 8:02 AM

    Looks like you made good time today! Going down is faster than going up - and you don't need to spend time to acclimate :) Am anxious to have you blog again to hear how things went. It was so great to follow the GPS and compare it to last year's blog - and the high resolution of Mt. Everest and the surrounding area is so great! Looking forward to hear from you. Chris's Mom